IIPT Automation’s Industrial Automation Factory Training & Placement Brochure-2019

Module Name: LTET  – Learn Today – Earn Today: Industrial Automation Factory Training + On Spot Offer Letter + Stipend Rs. 8000/- Per Month from Training Starting Date to Job Starting Date + Placement Guarantee = Fee Rs. 80000/- Only (For Joining Call / WhatsApp @ 8448200162)

Module Name: PPT – Pre Placement Training: IAFT + Job Guarantee = Fee Rs. 40000/- Only (For Joining Call / WhatsApp @ 8448200162)

Module Name: IAFT – Industrial Automation Factory Training = Fee Rs. 12500/- Only (For Joining Call / WhatsApp @ 8448200162)

Module Name: EFAT – Experience Factory Automation Training + Experience Letter = Fee Rs. 30000/- Only (For Joining Call / WhatsApp @ 8448200162)

Industrial Automation Factory Training Tools

  1. AI: Artificial Intelligent
  2. PLC: Programmable Logic Controller
  3. SCADA: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
  4. HMI: Human Machine Interface
  5. VSD: Variable Speed Drives and Motors
  6. Auto-CAD
  7. Panel Designing
  8. Process and Field Instrumentation
  9. DCS: Distribution Control System
  10. MS Projects
  11. Interview and HR Training



  1. Eligibility: BTech / Diploma in Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation / Mechatronics (Complete/Perusing / Dropout/BackPaper/Career Gap Jobseekers)
  2. Duration: 200 Hours / 30 Days Full Time (10am-6pm)
  3. Stipend: Rs. 8000/- Per Month from Training Starting Date to Job Offer Date
  4. Cheque/DD/online Transaction shall be made in Favour of ‘Aakshdeep Ventures Private Limited’, Payble at Ghaziabad, UP.
  5. Paytm No: 7289867495


  1. What is IIPT?

The Institute of Internship Training and Placement (IIPT) is a venture of Aakshdeep Ventures Private Limited. IIPT Automation is a popular name of IIPT


  1. How IIPT’s Training is different from ordinary training?

IIPT gives Industrial Automation Training in our factory itself. This is not a classroom training. It is On Job Training. Trainee shall learn and work just like employee of the company. This training shall bridge the gap between academic knowledge and working engineering knowledge.  This is full time training from 10am to 6pm in our factory located in Industrial Area of Noida.


  1. How much salary shall I get after completion of LTET Training?

As LTET Module Trainee you shall get Rs. 8000/- per month from training starting date to job starting date. After placement trainee shall get Rs. 12000 – 20000/- Per Month, depends on company and placement. If trainee is already experienced shall get minimum 20-50% salary increment.


  1. I am having 3 years gap after completion of my BTech/Diploma. Am I eligible?

Many engineers spends his/her years for preparation of GATE or Government Entrance Exams and a big gap reflects in the career. As a matter of fact this gap is barrier of career. IIPT’s training breaks this gap and gives experience letter with salary slip along with working knowledge.


  1. Shall I get core engineering job after completion of the training?

Yes, definitely you shall get core automation job.


  1. What shall be job location?

Most of our placement clients are located in Delhi / NCR and northern India, but we are having some client in all over India.


  1. Which types of company shall I expect for placement?

IIPT is having about 350 Placement Clients. Some of them are MNCs, some Middle Level some are SMEs. We are having every types of placement clients companies.


  1. Shall companies come for campus Interview?

If company is having bulk requirements, they come to our factory but if they requires 1 – 5 candidates, we sends our trainees there for Interviews.


  1. Why this training is necessary for me?

During the jobless period, jobseekers becomes non technical as time passes. This training makes them technical and starts working environment in the factory prepares them ready for job?


  1. How IIPT gives Job Guarantee / Insurance?

LTET Trainee gets On Spot Job Letter from IIPT. Rs. 8000/- Stipend from Training Starting date to Job Starting Date shall be given by IIPT to Trainee. This features Insures your Job Guarantee. Giving job is IIPT’s responsibility else IIPT is paying Rs. 8000/- Per Month to trainee.



  1. Can we see Placement Records?

You can see Placement Records on our website, you are invited to see in our office too.


  1. Is there any other branch if IIPT?



  1. I am from outside Noida. How shall I manage my accommodation?

We can manage your accommodation but you shall have to pay.


  1. Can I pay the fee in Installments?

Yes, maximum 2 Instalments.


  1. Can I have demo class?

No, IIPT does not gives classroom training. We gives On Job Factory Training. For Demo purpose working environment of factory cannot be manage.


  1. Shall I face Language Problem?



  1. Is IIPT’s Experience Letter valid for job?



If you are having more questions:


WhatsApp us @ 8448200162

Mail us @ mail@iiptautomation.com

Meet us @ A-80, Sec-80, Phase-II, Noida, UP

Call us @ 8448200162

Visit us www.iiptautomation.com

(Please Forward this matter to jobseeker Engineers)

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